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Karaoke Box

Payment, delivery, warranty and refund

12 months of official protection

When you purchase a karaoke system on our official website X‑STAR KARAOKE BOX, which includes an online karaoke console with a remote control and wireless microphones with a receiver, you receive a warranty card with official warranty from the manufacturer.

The official warranty ensures that the purchased karaoke system X‑STAR KARAOKE BOX (hereinafter, the karaoke system) can be serviced free of charge within the warranty period.

  • Warranty service implies free repair of equipment included in the karaoke system or replacement with similar equipment (in case of failure to repair) within the warranty period.
  • The warranty is valid provided that you present a warranty card with the seal of the official sales department X‑STAR and the date of sale of the system.
  • The warranty period for the karaoke system is 12 months from the date of sale.
  • The duration of the warranty work cannot exceed 10 working days from the date on which the defective product arrives at X‑STAR Service Centre.
  • Consumables and accessories (connecting cables, energy cells, documentation, and packaging) are not free of charge to be replaced, reconditioned or repaired.
  • Preventive maintenance (for example, cleaning the product from dust) is not a part of the manufacturer warranty and is performed for an additional fee.
  • Defects in the appearance of the product caused in the process of usege are not reissued free of charge
  • The Service Centre X‑STAR is not responsible for the delay of the warranty repairs for reasons beyond its control.
  • The warranty period is extended for the period when the product is under repair, which is indicated in the warranty card.

The reason for refusing to perform warranty service is:

  • Consumer violation of generally accepted standards for the use, storage or transporting of items, mechanical or thermal damage or deformation arising after the transfer of the product to the consumer.
  • Use of products for purposes that do not correspond to their intended purpose.
  • Detection of unauthorized disassembly or modification of products.
  • Use of products in polluted environments, high or low temperatures, high air humidity, rain or snow, direct solar radiation, etc.
  • Incorrect installation and connection of karaoke system.
  • The impact of force majeure (fire, rain, hurricane, lightning, earthquake, and other natural disasters).
  • Defects arising from the use of defective or obsolete components (for example, connecting cables, power cables or energy cells).
  • Mechanical and/or electrical damage caused by non-conformity of power supply networks, telecommunications networks caused by any action of the consumer or third parties.
  • Inadequate preparation for work, unskilled adjustment, including use of excessive force.
  • Traces of substances, liquids and damage caused by pets, rodents or insects entering and/or on the surface of products.
  • Installation of unauthorized software or attempts to install it.
Free karaoke delivery to your home

By ordering karaoke system X‑STAR KARAOKE BOX on our site, you can choose any type of delivery that is convenient for you.

Self-delivery from the sales office

You have the opportunity to get the equipment at the office of the official sales department X‑STAR.

To the delivery service department

Выберите удобную для вас службу доставки, например: IML, Деловые Линии, СДЭК, а также ближайшее к вам отделение, сообщите менеджеру по продажам все необходимые контактные данные для оформления БЕСПЛАТНОЙ доставки караоке-комплекта X‑STAR KARAOKE BOX.

By courier to your home

Tell the sales manager that you will find it convenient to receive the karaoke system X‑STAR KARAOKE BOX with delivery directly to the threshold. We will arrange with you the date and time of delivery.

We have provided all the payment methods that are convenient for you

You can place an order on our site X‑STAR KARAOKE BOX by filling in the feedback form with your contact details.

Within half an hour (during working hours) after sending the completed form, our manager will contact you and discuss your order, delivery details and payment.

You can use the most convenient way for you to pay for karaoke system X‑STAR:

  • by a cashless payment;
  • by a cash payment upon receiving the goods at the delivery service department;
  • by cash to the delivery service courier.
Exchange or refund
30 days for return or exchange

In accordance with the provisions of the law, you have the right to return/exchange the purchased karaoke system X‑STAR KARAOKE BOX within 14 days, not including the day of purchase. We extend this period to 30 days.

The exchange/return of serviceable equipment shall be carried out under conditions if:

  • The goods have not been used and have no traces of use, namely: scratches, chips, cracks, rubs;
  • The product is fully completed and its packaging integrity is not compromised;
  • Factory markings, seals, protective films have been preserved;
  • There is a document which proves the purchase of such goods, as well as a warranty card.